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Emerging Tech Architect

Wavre, Belgium
The Emerging Tech Architect is accountable to Vaccines Digital Innovations for driving emerging technology assessment, solution design, implementation and adoption within and across Vaccines Tech and Business teams in alignment with agile and DevOps principles, working closely with Architecture Director, Product Owners and Product Directors.

The Emerging Tech Architect is a “T-Shaped” role demonstrating both depth and breadth across key engineer competencies e.g. Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, Data Science/Analytics, Product Management, etc. and the ability to successfully collaborate with experts from other subject domains (regulatory, data privacy, cyber security).

In addition, the role will demonstrate core engineer knowledge/experience of industry technologies, practices and frameworks e.g. GIT, OWASP, OAUTH, Jenkins, Jira/Azure DevOps, Selenium, JUnit/NUnit, SAFe, Kanban, JavaScript, Python, Docker, TensorFlow, PyTorch, R, Apache Kafka, Azure/GCP, XaaS solutions, etc.

Also, familiar with Digital Twin, Graphic processing technologies (Nvidia) and extended reality (XR) technologies (VR/AR) and existing solutions like: Hololens, Oculus, smart glasses, etc.

Responsibilities include some of the following:
  • The continuous identification and evaluation of new emerging technologies and trends in line with Vaccines business strategy
  • Works closely with the Tech Partners and Business to identify current and future needs
  • Identifies and evaluates emerging technology solutions in alignment with Tech roadmaps adopting agile and DevOps principles.
  • Develops resources and contacts to research the details of emerging technologies in order to evaluate relevancy, capability and alignment to  Vaccines business strategy
  • Ensures that technical implementation is fully compliant with Security, Quality and Regulatory standards
  • Ensures use of relevant Vaccines Tech / central services and collaborating with service partners in identification and delivery of service improvements
  • Fosters and maintains close links with customers, related Solution groups e.g. Established Products and Core Tech
  • Ensures continuity of business execution as related to the emerging technology solutions, operational support for relevant applications
  • Proactively develops and delivers continuous improvement/simplification of emerging tech portfolio to enhance user productivity, increase system reliability and reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Creates and maintains relevant technical documentation up to date in support of the lifecycle plan for audits/reviews
  • Pro-actively engages in experimentation and innovation to drive relentless improvement e.g. to UX/DQ/DI and reducing technical debt/risk
  • Contributes and aligns solutions to the Target Architecture working closely with Enterprise Architecture team
Why you?
We are looking for professionals with these required skills to achieve our goals:
  • Computer Science or related bachelor’s degree required
  • Understanding of enterprise systems, processes and data
  • Strong interest in new technology and trends with the ability to relate concepts to practical application
  • Ability to perform the capability analysis of emerging technologies, and to communicate the relevance of those technologies in the biopharma context
  • Ability to plan and develop technology integration strategy and coordinate its implementation
  • Ability to collect and structure insights on the technology use cases, (internal) customers’ needs and opportunities across business units.
  • Ability to manage across multiple Time Horizons: understanding of both short- and long-term objectives, ability to evaluate how current technology decision affect long-term enterprise goals
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Comfortable in creating engaging interactive content (e.g. video presentations) related to the Emerging Tech
  • Ability to quickly understand, distill and communicate complex topics to non-specialist audiences
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to work on multiple projects at once
  • French + English Mandatory

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