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Python Developer

Berlin, Berlin
For an European Commission Agency in Berlin, Norconsulting Group is currently looking for a Python Developer in which the candidate should work with the development of a Python library enabling a simplified access to the most relevant systems at the EU agency (based on HTTP APIs), and on the customisation and improvement of a JupyterLab/JupyterHub environment. For this you will be responsible for:
  • Enable simple and comprehensive retrieval of the same element of information available to the user from the GUI-based search tool (e.g. perform search statements, retrieve the resulting documents, retrieve results of pre-search activities etc.)
  • Implement custom widgets for simplifying creation of rich GUIs, leveraging the EPO corporate GUI components and thus extending the Ipywidgets library
  • enable intercommunication with other search tools, in particular the provisioning of newly produced search information (e.g. send documents to the drawers, edit and produce annotations, edit the synonyms library etc.)
  • Implement an ad-hoc Jupyter Kernel offering a simplified command line interface.
  • Support the re-implementation of legacy scripts
  • Implement JupyterLab extensions for environment customization.
  • Produce technical and user documentation based on standard python tools for automatic document generation (sphinx, docutils, reStructuredText)
You will have experience on:
  • At least 3 years of experience as Python developer, including the ability to develop and implement Python modules and packages
  • Knowledge of JupyterLab architecture, in particular the development of a custom kernel and the implementation of notebook/server extensions
  • Usage of Atlassian Jira for tracking, sharing and maintaining development process
  • Knowledge of the authentication, security and communication architecture of JupyterHub and ability to configure such components.
  • Experience with DevOps and infrastructure engineering
  • CI/CD pipeline building tools (Git, BitBucket, Jenkins)
  • Ability to write Dockerfiles, Jenkinsfiles and Helm charts.
  • Experience with software development in a Kubernetes-based infrastructure, networking policies, LBs, deployment strategies and cluster security
  • Experience with Linux and MS Windows based systems
  • Excellent knowledge of English (both written and verbal) is required. And desirable european language

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