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Packet Core Network Designer

Lisbon, Portugal
Mandatory Skills
  •     Packet Core network design
  •     Network Deployment, Maintenance, Operations or Tech Support.
  •     Working experience on Cloud Packet Core (Subject Matter Expert on Cloud Packet Core)
  •     Knowledge of IP Networking: Security Settings, QoS, Routing Protocols (OSPF, ISIS, BGP), signaling protocols (RSVP, LDP), IP VPN, VLAN, VLL/VPLS, etc.
  •     Software development experience is an asset, especially Internet based applications using XML, HTTP/TLS, JSON.
  •     Possess Network Deployment exposure for two or more T1/T2 Operators .
  •     Familiarity with DevOps approaches to software development and deployment
Desired Skills
  •     Preferable that assigned resources have direct experience and knowledge of NOKIA Packet Core Elements such as Cloud Mobile Gateway, Cloud Mobility Manager, Cloudband Infrastructure products (CBIS, CBAM, CD) and/or Openstack Nokia 7750 Routers, SAM etc
  •     Nokia Cloud Packet Core certified
  •     Understanding on ETSI MANO Architecture
Years of exp needed  6 yrs
Roles and Responsibilities post joining


A series of logical, physical and management components which together constitute the design of the ePC network. It contains a functional view of the ePC network and integration into the customer network, capturing the requirements, which will drive the overall designs and functions provided by each element. It also includes a physical view of the ePC network, detailing how the functional architecture can be implemented in terms of a network topology, location specific data design, IP connectivity and interconnections of all nodes required for building the ePC solution. Components/steps of Design are:
  •          Review specific PA, budgeted hours and budgeted travel and living (T&L) provide staffing and execution guidelines.
  •          High Level Design (HLD) – high level solution overview to be provided by service provider - requires customer approval.
  •          Low Level Design (LLD) – configuration details to be provided by service provider - requires customer approval.
  •          Customer Readiness Checklist – verifies customer environment is taken into consideration when building the HLD and LLD (including but not limited to Hardware, hypervisors, Deployment Model, Networking Requirements, Customer Questioner, Technical Solution Description Documents etc.)   
  •          Coordination and review and secure approval of documents with customer.
Workshop : Customer kick-off design workshop, presenting the Nokia CPC solution and describing the design deliverables expected for the project.
High Level Design: Define High Level Architecture for Cloud Packet Core components and how they will interact with customer network. Format: Word document.
Low Level Design:  Define Low level parameters for each CPC component. Explain in a detailed manner how this VNF- Virtualized Network Function - will be designed (VMs, IP Addressing, LTE/5G parameters, etc.) in accordance with customer requirements. Format: Word Document.
CiQ (Customer information Questionnaire): Extent set of parameters that need to be discussed and agreed with customer so VNFs can be designed and configured properly.
(i.e.: PLMNs, IMSI Ranges, VoLTE, APNs, Diameter parameters). Format: Excel Worksheet.
Details about the project they would be working on.  Nokia’s packet core deployment in Portugal

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