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Electronics Engineer

Shenzhen, China
Electronics Engineer

Android, SQL, Python, LinuxStationSpecialist
We are working to build an ecosystem of devices that will take voice commands to a completely new level for control of our digital and physical world.
You are a good fit if you:
  • are familiar with fundamentals of electronics and can read circuit diagrams;
  • understand the architecture of Windows and Linux systems and have admin experience;
  • have basic knowledge and experience with networking (TCP/IP);
  • know programming or scripting languages on a basic level (Python, bash);
  • communicate using technical English on a conversational level;
  • have Chinese work permit.
Bonus points for:
  • experience with tests for manufacturing automation;
  • experience with stress testing;
  • knowledge of Android OS architecture and debugging on the kernel and user mode levels;
  • basic SQL querying skills;
  • Chinese language skills.
As part of your job, you will:
  • monitor production on site on a regular basis;
  • organize production of samples: order PCBs, components, third-party assembly, and test production;
  • participate in developing and debugging automated testing algorithms for new supported systems and platforms;
  • collaborate effectively with the development team to identify possible reasons for detected errors and suggest solutions;
  • perform lab testing of new components like microphones and speakers.

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